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Looks: Ashura The Hedgehog Images?q=tbn:ANd9GcQ4s1UDIn7Z8vLitzLcwJY2KbmKAq4qU-iadTje298HqQOeu4nIdQ




Personality:Ashura is 16 (a year older than Sonic), and the older brother of Sonic, Sonia and Manic. He can be very serious and mature (like Keith Clay and Sasuke Uchiha combined). In Sonic GT, he first appeared in the episode where Cosmo was resurrected. At first, he was mysterious and neutral, until he revealed his true colors in the battle with Mephiles; to be a good guy and one of the Sonic Heroes. He gets along with Sonia and Manic really well.

Special Characteristics:Can go into an ultimate form, controls the green chaos emerald, can bend time with the emerald, can teleport, can shoot blasts.

  • Super Speed
    Basic Combat
    Jump Dash/Homing Attack
    Body Slam
    Jump Kick
    Mach Punch
    Spin Kick
    Aerial Ace
    Jet Run
    Chaos Control
    Chaos Spear
    Chaos Lance
    Chaos Burst
    Chaos Magic
    Chaos Attack
    Chaos Blast
    Chaos Ultimate
    Spin Dash
    Spin Attack
    Spin Jump
    Light Dash
    Super Ashura
    Hyper Ashura
    Ultimate Ashura

History/Background Story:In the Chaos Universe, Ashura is 18, and Janella's boyfriend. He is a good friend of Sharna, and is Sonic's brother. He can be very serious, But is also a bit of a jokester. He hits on Sharna in part of the Series, so Sonic gets back at him by kissing Janella. Ashura doesn't get along well with Manic and Sonia. He is also the brother of Ronic The Hedgehog. It started out in an ancient echidna civilization who lock up Ashura in the Chaos Stars, released by EggMan in Sonic 2 to kill Sonic, by taking on the role of Ashura, a reckless rogue who has been shunned from his clan and seeks revenge. Ashura met Honey in a park after getting her rag(Ashura called it),Because of Honey Ashura is Good and Evil,It's a hard relationship but it's working. Ashura has an Ultimate form like sonic and friends.
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